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Auricular Acupuncture... Statements

"The ear is the outer manifestation of the kidney."
(Miraculous Pivot)

"The qi in blood in the twelve channels and 365 collateral's
go up to the face, going to the eye as vision and into the
ear as hearing." (Miraculous Pivot)

"If the qi and blood are prosperous the ear has a beautiful
color; If the qI and blood are deficient, the ear has bad
color." (Miraculous Pivot)

"Massage the helix of the ear with the hands many times
for prevention of deafness."

"Moxibustion on the ear apex to treat cataracts." (or facial

"When the pathogenic factor attacks the liver, it will cause
pain in the ribs on both sides…for the pain caused by internal
blood stagnation…needle at the blue vessels around the
ear to relieve pain."

Folk Remedies, "Bleeding on the back of the auricle to treat

"Massage the ear lobe to prevent common colds."

"All the yang channels go to the ear."

"All the yin channels go to the ear through paired external
and internal channels and the divergent channels.”

"Inverted fetus pictured on ear."


Auricular Acupuncture